Audi SQ5


Being the first ever SUV to wear an S-badge, the Audi SQ5 is seriously quick. It can comfortably outrun all its competitors including the BMW X3 and the Porsche Cayenne, but why stop there? Having extra power is never a bad thing and Tunit can not only further extend the SQ5?s lead, but do it more economically.

Audi?s Bi-turbo V6 Diesel puts out a very impressive 313bhp and 479 lbs/ft or torque. Tunit increased power to 353bhp and torque jumped up to 533 lbs/ft. The overall drivability of the car benefits from increasing torque, making throttle response and acceleration smoother and more immediate. More power in lower revs also means that the 8 speed automatic gearbox can change up at 1000 revs rather than 1100 or higher, bringing better economy.

Economy is the one area that hinders most 4 wheel drive SUV?s and for the Audi, it is the one are that rival BMW X3 35d does better in. The official economy figure according to Audi is 39mpg. Tunit also gives an average 12% increase in fuel efficiency. Having extra torque when setting off or to get up to speed when traveling long distances means Tunit puts the SQ5 back into the lead.