Range Rover Vogue 4.4 SDV8


LUXURY and refinement are what you expect from a brand new Range Rover. What we enjoyed most however is having a huge V8 Diesel to tune. This Range Rover Vogue 4.4 SDV8 came to Tunit HQ to improve its fuel economy.

When traveling long distances, the Range Rover is unmatched. The interior is such a nice place to sit and the ride is very smooth and refined at high speeds. Its owner told us that while it was very comfortable and a good companion on long distance drives, fuel economy was really an issue thanks to that thirsty V8.

Tunit Advantage 2 RedBoard enhanced power from 339bhp to 381bhp and torque from 516lbs/ft to 590lbs/ft. Tunit started to improve fuel economy right away. On our short test drive, the trip computer already showed an improvement on average fuel consumption so we expect some good savings can be made on traveling long distances.