Mercedes E Class 220cdi AMG


Mercedes' newest E Class has been slanted more towards comfort than its Audi or BMW competitors. The new model still has modern, crisp looks and a huge range of gadgets designed to make the driving experience more comfortable, but what if you wanted the power of the others too?

Tunit put the edge back into the 2014 E Class 220cdi AMG, boosting power and torque and giving a much smoother performance and more enjoyable driving experience.

Standard performance for the 4 cylinder diesel engine is 167 bhp and 295 lbs/ft or torque. Power was boosted 27% to 212bhp. Extra torque afforded by the Tunit gives significant reduction in flat spots and overall diesel lag, sharper throttle response and smoother acceleration. The automatic gearbox previously had a tendency to change very low down in the rev range meaning the power required is just not there when needed. With Tunit, the gearbox has access to more revs across the entirety of the range.

Fuel efficiently is simultaneously increased by Tunit along with a considerably smoother performance. Fuel efficiency rose from 32mpg to an average of 48mpg. Extra torque helps pull the heavy Mercedes back up to speed quickly and efficiently on long distance motorway cruises.