Maserati Quattroporte


The Maserati name signifies a certain sporting intent and even with an unconventional diesel engine, their newest executive saloon is no exception. Tunit Diesel performance are the first tuning company in the UK to give the diesel powered Maserati Quattroporte even more of what makes it a fantastic sports saloon.

But when does a diesel engine become appropriate for an Italian sports car?
Well when it is put into a high class luxury saloon. When you actually sit behind the wheel and experience what an excellent job they have done to keep the Quattroporte feeling sharp and sporty, and that other luxury saloons carry diesel engines, diesel makes alot of sense.

The torque it puts out carries the 4 seat executive cruiser to incredible speeds on a huge wave of power. Adding more torque to the equation with a Tunit system only makes the experience better. Brake-horsepower is enhanced from 271bhp to 333bhp but torque is what this car does best. Tunit increased torque in the Quattroporte from 440lbs/ft to a massive 535lbs/ft. The way it is delivered is also altered as usable power was only available from 1,900rpm previously. Tunit significantly reduces Flat spots and diesel lag making the smallest push of the accelerator give immediate pickup.

With the performance expected of a Maserati and the exhilaration of extra power and a respectable fuel economy with Tunit, a diesel engine becomes a perfect fit, even for a powerful Italian sports car.