Kia Sportage


Winner of Carbuyers Car of the Year and Best 4x4 awards put the Kia Sportage in good standing in the world of compact offroaders. However, the lack of low down power on such a heavy vehicle really shows and with the 4 wheel drive option, the Sportage can get quite heavy on fuel.

The 2.0 litre diesel engine is one of the strongest options available but lacks the power and torque of a serious 4 wheel drive crossover. Tunit were able to deliver the extra power needed to transform this car into a serious SUV.

Power tests on the Sportage revealed the engine was already performing better than it should have been. Standard power test readings reaching 159 bhp before the Tunit had even been fitted rather than the manufacture supplied 134. Even so, Tunit boosted power by 20% from 152bhp to 183bhp and increased torque from 250lbs/ft to 284lbs/ft. Boosting torque what was immediately noticeable back on the road. Acceleration is smoother and more direct when climbing back up to speed and more of the rev range becomes accessible.

Previously, standard economy along with careful driving would top out at around 34.4 mpg but with the Tunit fuel economy reached a huge 51.2mpg.