Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2


COMFORTABLE, robust and rugged, the Mitsubishi shogun is an excellent way to get a great all round SUV without the price tag that comes with a range rover. Like lots of SUVs however, fuel economy is a burning issue and a lack of low down power can be a problem for towing. Tunit was able to boost the power of this vehicle and set it up to be more fuel efficient.

Power was increased from 160bhp up to 180bhp. That all important torque was also boosted from 276lbs/ft to 307lbs/ft which should give that extra bit of low down grunt to tow a heavy trailer or caravan.
Lacking power low down also causes problems with fuel economy. The engine would only reliably pull weight at around 2000 rpm meaning alot more fuel was used to get up to speed. Tunit gives that extra torque for the job and optimises fuel use to get the best of both worlds. The 3.2 diesel engine became more manageable with more power available across the rev range.