Toyota Rav 4 D-4D


MORE space and better fuel economy make the modern range of Toyota Rav 4s a very practical choice of SUV. Newer models come with more equipment, lots and lots of storage and a bigger cabin than ever before.

While the Rav 4 is well equipped inside, all 3 engine options lack low down power which is only exacerbated with the addition of a trailer or by using it off road. The 4 wheel drive option which is available can mean it is more versatile but comes at a cost to fuel economy. Tunit puts power exactly where you need it and makes the vehicle that bit more economical.

Tunit Advantage increased the power of the 2.2 litre diesel by 20% from 150bhp to 180bhp. Torque was also increased from 251lbs/ft to 289lbs/ft and flat spots and lag were significantly reduced making the Rav4 considerably more drivable. Fuel economy is also increased as the Rav4 can get back up to speed and tow extra weight using the additional power. Tunit calculates fuel delivery and the load on the vehicle to promote maximum economy

Fitting was one of the most straightforward examples yet for Tunit and was completed in less than 20 minutes.