Volvo S60 D5 Auto


DRIVING out for a holiday in Europe means that your choice of car should be comfortable, roomy and fuel efficient because after all, every penny saved on fuel means more to enjoy your holiday. The Volvo S60 is a good companion for this trip. Lots of room in the cabin and a very comfortable ride make it an ideal cruiser but fuel consumption on long drives is less than ideal.

Tunit boosts power, torque and calculates engine processes to boost fuel economy. Power went from 163bhp up to 195bhp and torque was boosted from 252lbs/ft to 297lbs/ft. With lots of luggage and a full car, that extra torque should definitely make the journey more relaxing. The Volvo becomes so much more drivable with Tunit putting more power across the rev range.

Fuel economy is improved by the vehicle changing gears sooner and maintaining higher gears longer. Tunit reduces the fuel an engine uses on idle or cruising when extra power is not required. With more torque available earlier, diesel lag is reduced, acceleration is much smoother and carrying capability is increased.

Fuel economy is enhanced by Tunit and the vehicle is much more relaxing to drive over long distances.